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Get added protection from malware and viruses.

Advanced security to block threats

Buy µTorrent Web Pro content displayed pursuant to license.


µTorrent Web Pro Features

Search, download & play

Pro highlights torrent files and torrent magnet links from Google search results, meaning you never need to visit potentially harmful sites. The search to download/play experience has never been easier.

Block threats

Pro has added security to keep your torrent PC downloads safe. Get automatic protection from threats before you download a torrent file or torrent magnet link.

Find the right torrent

Pro offers detailed information about the torrent before you download: file size, resolution, and number of seeds. These details allow you to validate the quality of a torrent before starting the download.


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Privacy Online
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  • Includes all Pro features
  • CyberGhost VPN
  • VPN on 5 devices
  • Block online tracking
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Enhanced Security
per year
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  • Safe torrent downloads
  • Block malware & viruses
  • See helpful torrent info:+ File size+ Resolution+ Seeds & leeches
  • Customer support
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No Distractions
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  • Use less bandwidth
  • Larger video window
  • Premium support

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Free Web Torrent App
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  • Online torrent downloader
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µTorrent Web Pro Product Tip

What makes µTorrent Web Pro better than the free version?

In addition to the features that make µTorrent Web the most popular online torrent downloader and player, Pro includes a safe torrent scanner that helps you avoid malware and viruses in your torrent downloads. In addition to scanning torrent files before you download to keep your torrent PC downloads safe, the scanner also provides helpful torrent information: file size, resolution, and the number of seeds. This allows you to further validate the quality of the file before you download, making µTorrent Web Pro the safest web torrent client. If you are looking for a little more, we offer µTorrent Web Pro+VPN that includes one-year of CyberGhost VPN on up to 5 devices. This ensures online privacy on your desktop computer, mobile phone, tablet and other internet connected devices.

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